Trey Murray Green Belt Promotion at AKF Martial Arts!

Trey Murray Green Belt Promotion in Kyukido

Trey Murray green belt promotion in Kyukido! I took my test and I passed! It was a very physically challenging test despite being a make up test. (We were out of town for Memorial Day weekend.)

First, we stretched out with a higher belt student leading the test class, and then the black belt instructor administering the test had us do cardio warm ups and more stretching.

The Test Begins For Trey Murray

We had to demonstrate stances, kicks and punches as usual, and our forms as well. Then we did some shadow sparring.

We demonstrated some Judo holds and escapes before finally coming to what I consider to be the most fun part of any test, the board breaking.

Since my first test I have been breaking pine boards. This time the instructor said it was too thick for me and I was confused. Then he brings out a board about 1/3 of the thickness and told me I would be doing a speed break. He explained that he would throw the board straight up in the air and I was to break it on the way down.

As he threw the board into the air in front of me, I watched it go up until it reached the apex of the throw. As I tracked it on the way down, I measured the speed and launched a reverse punch and stepped into the punch as well.

Trey Murray Green Belt Success!

The next thing I saw was two pieces of board flying toward the front of the mat. I was so excited! I had kicked boards before with someone holding the board and bracing it against the force of my kicks, but this was a free falling board with no support, and I broke it on the first attempt.

All in all it was a great test. After a short ribbing from the instructor, only fair as I helped tag the New York Yankees fan’s car only a couple of months earlier with Texas Rangers grafitti, he awarded me the green belt and told me he was proud of my weight loss.

He gave me a shorter belt and told me to “shrink into it”. Great motivation as always from such a wonderful school AKF Martial Arts is. I can’t wait for all I will learn for the next test.