Soil Searching – Parable of Jesus Explained

Soil Searching – Looking For The Truth In Jesus’ Parable

Almost everyone rejoices when hearing the Gospel for the first time, but are they really soil searching? Jesus’ parable of the farmer sowing his seeds is in Luke 8:4-15.

The last soil mentioned is the fertile soil. I’m focusing on the seeds falling in the rocky and thorny terrain, however.

Jesus explains that rocky terrain represents people who rejoice at His message, but take no root in it. They do not build a foundation in Christianity. I found myself here early in my walk, claiming Christ, but having no idea what that meant.

Jesus explains further that thorny terrain represents people who hear His message, but live their life chasing other things. I still find myself here from time to time. I get so wrapped up in my own desires, I neglect God and ignore His wishes for me.

Are you the rocky soil where the seeds of God’s Word have no root? Are you the thorny soil, chasing anything but God? We need to do some soil searching. I implore you as I will to seek to be fertile ground, chasing God with the same zeal he chases us.