Do you love God?

Read Psalms 18

When David killed Goliath, Saul brought him in as a trusted member of his family. Saul’s own son Jonathan became like a brother to David. They were raised together.

When Saul began disobeying God, Samuel came to Saul and told him he had lost God’s favor. Saul angrily sought out who his replacement would be and quickly realized it would be David.

David was given a daughter of Saul’s to wed to keep up Saul’s Godly appearance and was quickly banished. Jonathan and Saul’s daughter both pleaded for David’s sake which only angered Saul more.

When Saul decided David must die, he lead the party to kill him. David’s loyal men ambushed Saul and almost killed him, but David said he would not kill one of God’s anointed. Saul died in battle a short time later and David was named king.

David wrote many of the Psalms as a tribute to God and His mercy, strength, redemption, and protection. Psalms 18 is his appreciation for God delivering him from Saul.

No matter what trials I endure, I don’t have the ruler of an army after me. I can rejoice just the same at the peril my God delivers me from every day. I know He loves me, and I love Him. I thank Him for His protection and His mercy, His grace.

Have you counted your blessings recently?

“I love you, Lord, my strength.” – Psalms 18:1