What is Christianity?

My Facebook feed is full of experts on Christianity. It seems lately that every post is either a request to repost a horrific picture of some child asking for an “Amen” or an indictment of believers who don’t repost a picture of a gruesome depiction of on the cross. Those that aren’t are from people who do not believe in Christ telling readers how ignorant or how evil they are for trusting in a god who would incite violence or commit mass homicide by flooding the planet.

I have lived my life seeking the opinion of everyone I meet. I have believed for a long time that true knowledge can only be gained by observing and gaining insight from other people. When I have a question about anything, I will seek answers and ask opinions about that subject.

This is why I question others on Facebook regarding their beliefs and their point of view. Since becoming more active on Facebook, I have noticed that not many of the posts in my news feed conveys a clear, Biblical view of Jesus or Christianity.

Jesus was not some icon in the first century. He was neither a hoarder of “likes” nor was he asking people to share his photo. What he did ask was that people shed their own beliefs regarding God, and trust in a God who has at one point wiped out almost the entire population of the Earth. He did ask that they follow a God who required the death of animals to make up for the evil people committed in their own life. He did ask that people leave their families, their jobs, and all of their responsibilities to follow Him and do His work.

I can’t defend that God, and thank Him that I do not have to, nor does He want me to. I believe that He is the creator of the Earth, the universe, and everything. I believe that we are the beings he created with a purpose. Many Christians don’t even realize that we have a purpose. The largest section of any bookstore or library is the self-help section. Everyone wants to find meaning in their life and discover their purpose. If you are one of the millions of people looking for the meaning of life and your purpose, let me save you time and money.

The meaning in your life is your creator. God is the only meaning your life will ever have, and without him, everything is meaningless, “a chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:16).

So if God is the only meaning to life, why do we exist? What is our purpose? We exist to serve. More specifically, we exist to serve God. Many of us, Christians included, do not serve God. We all serve something though. This is what we are created to do and we will.

Luke 16:13 states: “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

We can replace the word money there for any other word but God: “You cannot serve both God and your wife.”, “You cannot serve both God and your children.”, “You cannot serve both God and alcoholism.”, “You cannot serve both God and science.”, “You cannot serve both God and yourself.”

The last statement there stings me. It stung me to type it. It is my indictment. I want what I want. I love Star Wars. I have at times worshipped the creation of George Lucas more than I worshipped God. I own a great many books, games, toys, and of course movies. I read many articles and seek out theories about this fictional universe imagined by an admittedly creative man, who is ultimately just a man.

I have served myself every time I forsake a family need, or a friend’s request to do what I want. I must stop. I must seek God more because my desires, my wishes, my selfishness will never fulfill my true purpose and will do nothing to provide meaning to anyone’s life.

Jesus isn’t asking for your Facebook likes or shares. He is asking that you like God’s creation enough that you share the love, mercy, and grace He displayed on earth to everyone. This is what Christianity is.

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