I Went to Target Yesterday

Yesterday I went to Target. Yes, I am a Christian, and though many times I fail, I believe still loves me and wants so much better for me than I want for myself. I self identify as a moderate politically, but with conservative leanings. I believe everyone is entitled to work for money, that immigrants should follow the laws when entering the country, and that homosexuality and cross dressing is a sin.

That being said, I would never hate another sinner, especially not a welfare recipient, an illegal immigrant, or a member of the LGBT(whatever other letter acronym) person for the choices they make in life. God knows I’ve made plenty of bad choices of my own. I am a sinner. I need Jesus to save me from myself.

It pains me to hear that everyone is so offended and afraid after Target implemented a policy to allow people to use the restroom of the opposite gender. To my knowledge, this has been happening for years without our knowledge and I have never heard of a cross dressing predator snatching a kid or raping them in the restroom, or any age person for that matter. Actually, the percentages I have seen show a very low risk for anyone to be attacked in a public restroom (though I know it does happen). Attacks of this nature are much more common when people are around those they feel comfortable and safe around, like friends or family members.

It is a good idea for everyone to be more aware of their surroundings and to pay attention to the butterflies in their own stomach when they are out and about. The first thing any good women’s self defense class teaches is situational awareness. This goes for men as well as I see so often people paying more attention to their cell phones and not what is going on around them. We should all pay attention and feel safe wherever we are knowing the God of this world, the whole universe, and everything is in control. If we are attacked, know how to defend yourself and escape the attack through diplomacy or physical altercation, and leave the situation as soon as the opportunity arises. We must not be afraid to report suspicious activity (and the mere presence of the opposite sex in the restroom is not suspicious activity). Remember that when people see us ‘Conservative Evangelical Christians’ we are the face of Jesus on Earth for many of the lost. Do you really want to represent Jesus as an angry, hate filled person who would rather have things their way than the best way. I know I don’t.

So my family and I will continue to shop at Target, and I have been more vigilant looking for people of the opposite sex to enter the bathroom. I do it not because I want to scold or punish them, but to show them Jesus’ love and grace and maybe even sharing the story of his great love for them. After all, isn’t that what Jesus tasked all of us ‘Conservative Evangelical Christians’ with?

Now if I could only think like this when I am driving…but that’s another thought altogether.

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