For years I have had walls guarding my heart. No one could penetrate them, no one but God. Walls can be bad. Walls of racism, sexism, spirit of vengeance, or anger are not pleasing to God. Other walls can protect us.

In Nehemiah 1, the author grieves for the people of Jerusalem whose walls had been knocked down. He confessed his sins and the sins of his father, then asked God to reclaim his people. In Nehemiah 2, God tasks him with rebuilding the walls so that Jerusalem may be safe again.

Society has torn down many walls in my life that should not have been. I have become desensitized to violence, justified in my anger and spirit of vengeance, and angry beyond justification, especially while driving. I need to rebuild the walls God intends to guard my heart against sin.

Do you have any walls you need to tear down to let God in? Are there any you need to rebuild?

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