Read Luke 1:1-6

Why should we follow God? When I talk to people about my faith, this is the most common question I encounter. It usually comes with a twist. “Why should I believe and put faith in a God that kills people or allows people to be killed? Why should I believe in a God that sends people to Hell to suffer for all eternity?”

All of those are good questions. I’ve wrestled with all of them at one time or another.

The biggest reason is salvation. God sent Jesus to save the world, not condemn it. Jesus was patient with those who did not know God’s word, and convicted those who did, but did not keep it, or, rather those who did not keep the spirit of his word.

If we who claim to be in Christ do not enjoy our lives as Christians, our hearts are not in the right place. If you do not enjoy being with God, He will not enjoy your company either. God hates lukewarm Christians, He wants us to be on fire for Him. To seek His face every day and to love Him with all of our heart.

Why believe in a God that kills? The simple answer is that His justice is the most fair there is. Your sense of right and wrong is shaped by imperfect influences. God cannot be imperfect by His nature.

Why believe in a God that allows people to be killed? He gave humans free will to do as they please. If they want to kill, it pains God, but He allows it. He will right all wrongs in His time, and all events, good or bad, are used for His plan.

The hardest for people to understand is why believe in God when he sends people to Hell. This has the most simple answer. I’ll do it in parable form.

A child is raised by their parents. One day, the child, now a young adult, wishes to leave the safety of their home. Their father loves them and offers safety, provision, anything they ever need. In fact, as long as he agrees with the purpose, He will give them all they want as well. The youth just has to follow his rules. Wanting freedom and independence, the youth leaves home. The father lets them go, knowing they will not make it on their own, but unwilling to force them to stay.

Paradise (perhaps heaven) is our home. Our father is God. We are the youth. If we rebel, God will let us go. Outside of our home is Hell. Hell is eternal separation from God. If God is love, peace, hope, and contentment, then Hell is indifferent, war, despair, and dissatisfaction. Hell is described as a place of torment, but God doesn’t send anyone there.

They don’t choose salvation.

Luke 1:6 “And all people will see God’s salvation.”

Hell is a choice just as eternal paradise is a choice, be it Heaven, or wherever it may be. I want to be with the one true God who provided a way for me to gain his favor forever with a simple choice! What will you choose?

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