Read Matthew 6:1-4

My family and I had a cousin-in-law come for a visit. He was in the ministry. It was decided we would take him to a restaurant. Once we were seated and our meal arrived, one of our family members asked if he would bless the food. He stood and commanded the attention of the entire restaurant. Then he very loudly prayed a blessing on the food. Most of the family admitted afterwards this was embarrassing and uncomfortable.

It was not that we were insecure in our faith. It was because Jesus spoke on this very subject. Our relationship with Jesus is personal. We each have an understanding with Him. There are commandments which are to be kept, but issues like drinking alcohol, eating pork, and worshipping on Saturday instead of Sunday are all between you and God.

When we take our righteousness public, we invite others into our personal relationship with Jesus. In certain settings, this is encouraged. When at church or in small group settings, it is beneficial to share your experiences with Jesus to a group of people.

When you demand a stage or forum and proclaim Christ, then it has become less about God and more about you. The good feeling you get here is all you will ever get for your good deed, your Heavenly reward will be gone (This is not your salvation mind you).

Jesus spoke to many followers when delivering the Be-Attitudes, but he did not gather everyone to listen. So many wanted to hear what he had to say that the gathered around him.

We are called to be beacons, not town criers. People will watch you and know whether they want what you have. If you force your righteousness on them, they will either reject you or despise you for it, and then you may have hindered God’s plan for them instead of facilitating it.

Besides, I’d rather receive my rewards for services from God, not man.

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 6:1

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