Perfect Forgiveness

Read John 21:1-19

Have you ever had a friend, perhaps in jr high or high school who denied knowing or being friends with you? There were many times I was the convenient friend with the newest gadgets and toys. As soon as my friends were confronted with whether they knew me or not, they usually denied it and saved face with the popular crowd.

Peter had followed Christ during His ministry, but when it mattered most, Peter was afraid of death, so he lied and denied knowing Jesus.

When Christ was resurrected, he visited his disciples, completing their “training” for His ministry. On the third occasion, he found Peter and two others fishing. When John realized it was Jesus, he told Peter who it was. When Peter heard this, he jumped in the water and swam to shore to get to his Lord.

How much joy to see a friend that a boat is too slow to take you to them!

Peter was tested by Jesus who asked him three times if he loved Jesus. Peter twice answered yes, and on the third time he asked Jesus to search Peter’s heart for the answer.

Jesus forgave him though he failed Jesus. His repentance was enough. Jesus even gave him the responsibility of feeding and caring for his sheep (followers).

Have you denied Christ with your words or deeds? Would Jesus be proud of your actions, or disappointed? Verbally confess your love for him and live it with your daily actions like prayer, ministry, and fellowship and Jesus will reveal Himself in your life.

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