Hope. Tribulation. Prayer

Read Romans 12

Hope. Tribulation. Prayer.

Hope is a powerful emotion. It has carried prisoners and torture victims to freedom, changed addicts, and saved the depressed from death. Hope has power. It can transform your life if you let it. Rejoice in hope!

Tribulation is a teacher. No matter what you learn, you learn it better when the lesson doesn’t come easy. Tribulation shows others the substance of your character and shows yourself the substance of your mettle. Be patient in tribulation.

Prayer is your lifeline. Without prayer you have no connection to God. Prayer can be deep meditation or a simple thought. Prayer was not created for God’s sake, but for our sake. Be constant in prayer.

Hope and tribulation, I have plenty of, but prayer eludes me too often. I am working on praying more every day. Are you lacking any of these three? If you are, it could be a warning that you are not in Gods will. Reevaluate your position if you are lacking any of these areas, for we are to rejoice, be patient, and be constant in these situations.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

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