Hide and Seek

Read Ecclesiastes 3:15

Did you catch it in yesterday’s devotional? I didn’t. Not until I read it later. The very end of the verses. Look below. Do you see it now?

It is strange how I can read a verse several times and still catch truths. After the semicolon (;), you see that God seeks what was driven away.

I’ve known many people who were driven away from God. I felt I was driven from church by the indifference of who I counted as friends. I now see it was my own pride and indifference that induced my departure. I know some who were burned so bad they’ve vowed they’re never going back.

Have you been induced away from God, the church, or your calling? God is seeking you. It may be through obstacles to your personal goals, through your thoughts, or through your children.

God spoke to me through my daughter. He’d tried all the other methods listed, but he got through to me by having my daughter ask me to visit the church she was attending on Wednesday nights. I had such a good time, I surrendered. I allowed one more visit, then asked my wife if she thought we should join. We both felt called to this church. Now, God has led me to take the media and led a brother in Christ to encourage me to write, hence these devotionals.

God chases and when he does, he chases hard. If you’re running from Him, just stop and take a breath, let God catch up, and you just may be blessed!

“That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already has been; and God seeks what has been driven away.” – Ecclesiastes 3:15

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