God’s love

Read Psalms 45

A lot of people get hung up on God’s love, saying God is cruel for killing people and destroying cities. It is a tough concept to grasp that our earthly morals and standards are flawed.

We take the Ten Commandments and say, “God says do not kill, then he kills entire cities, nations, and even the world population at one point.”

While true, it is because we misunderstand the nature of God. It is because He is righteous that we are but filthy rags when compared to Him. We have all sinned, and the wage for any sin is death.

Any sin = death. Not buried and left as worm’s meat, but eternal separation from God. Hell, fire, and brimstone, eternal torture, death.

Why would a loving God create Hell and send us there?

He wouldn’t. If He was a cruel God, the story would end in death, but he gave all mankind His Son to die and cover our sin. Even if it only saved one man in all history He would have sacrificed His Son for that one.

Greater love hath not a man than one who gives his life for another.

God sacrificed His Son’s spiritual life, His perfection, for your sin. Do you think you could spare your party life, your hobby life, your ‘me’ time for Him?

I want to be a black belt in as many martial arts as I can. I was attending 6 days a week in this pursuit. When I realized I was cheating God, I cut it in half. God’s wants supersede my needs. He will provide my needs if I let Him.

Will you let Him supply your needs?

“You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.” – Psalms 45:7

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