Read: Mark 1:1-13

John baptized people in the Jordan river telling them he would baptize them in water to cleanse their sin, but when Christ would come, he would baptize them in the Holy Spirit, eternally cleansing their sins.

As John baptized Jesus, Heaven opened and a dove appeared, signaling God’s anointing of Jesus as a prophet, priest, and king. Prophets foretell God’s plans and deliver His words. Priests guide and council their congregation. Kings rule over their subjects. Jesus was called to all of these roles.

Jesus then said in his ministry that Christians should be the hands and feet of Christ. We are called to these roles Jesus was anointed with. We are to tell God’s plans to the world. We are to guide and council those we come into contact with. We are to rule over resources and people God may send our way to work for His purpose.

Be sure in all decisions you are in His will. Any one of these roles can be grossly mishandled if you are working toward your will and not His.

“As Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove” – Mark 1:10

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