​​​​Struggle For Your Life – A Poem by Trey Murray

It starts with a bow
Or a bump of the fists
In the clinch now
A lock on the wrists

Swept off my feet
My breath taken away
No romance, we meet
Our minds on this fray

Feeling for flaw
We search for advantage
Adrenaline raw
For this match we’ll manage

Challenged physically
Muscles are strained
Exhausted mentally
My energy is drained

Desperately grasping
For any relief
Deeply gasping
Shaking like a leaf

The end is in sight
Of this we are sure
Too long this fight
Our struggle is pure

A light tap on the mat
Signals the finish
Then tired we sat
Our struggles diminish

This fight will supply
An answer for strife
Lessons we apply
In our daily life

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