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Trey Murray's Artwork

​Artwork can be inspirational, uplifting, or emotional, whether it is written, drawn, sung, or painted. I draw inspiration for my art through ​everyday interaction with people, places, and things around me. As you may be able to tell, my drawing​s seem to center around anime, animated series, and other activities I find myself interested in.

Poet​ry by Trey Murray

The poetry I write comes from a number of experiences I have in activities such as martial arts, current events, social topics, and personal emotional events. While I often find I suffer from writers' block, when I do feel passionate about an issue, I find the words flow. I am working more toward making my writings a regular hobby.

​In the near future, I hope to add other writings such as short stories, novel previews and excerpts, and other written projects I intend to get to in the coming years. In the meantime, you can find some of my thoughts about my relationship with God by clicking the 'God' link in the header.

Struggle For Your Life

It starts with a bowOr a bump of the fistsIn the clinch nowA lock on the wristsSwept off my feetMy breath taken awayNo r - Read More
Ripping Me Apart

As I sit and reflecton the events of the daylooking from my aspectsecrets meant to betrayKeeping from anotheryour action - Read More
The Journey

It began with a step,I committed to a goal.With little to no prep,I began my new role.Carefully I did tread,danger lurki - Read More
My Country

My country was greatCareer politicians cameNow it's not so great - Read More
Keyboard Soldiers

Keyboard soldiers at the ready,angrily typing against inequity.Never calm, can't keep steady,spewing venom, feeding enmity. - Read More

Strangers passing by the way,neither have the time of day.Faces glued to screens that glow,little does the other know...- Read More

Drawing​ Artwork by Trey Murray

​My drawing​s are, for the most part, line art I managed to sketch out doing tutorials from various websites. When I finally did start looking at references and drawing out what I saw, I found I seem to have a problem with getting perspective right. I will continue to put more of my drawing​s up here, but this is more of a labor of love than anything I feel I can make a habit out of.

​I am watching YouTube videos ​to learn more about shading and contrast. ​These two pieces of composition are key to making drawings more life like and eye catching, in my opinion. ​My labor is centered around working at making the drawings more in perspective. I​t seems that working in grayscale for now may be beneficial until I can master these concepts.

Spike drawing by Trey Murray

I love the Cowboy Bebop series so much, I bought the entire series on DVD (The only anime I can say that about). I really li - Read More
Vegeta drawing by Trey Murray

Another Dragonball Z character. I just did this one to work on shading. I ended up looking into who Vegeta was as a characte - Read More
Sora Drawing by Trey Murray

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games. It blends my childhood love of Disney characters with my adult fandom of Squares - Read More
Random Male Drawing by Trey Murray

Sitting up late one night, I drew up this sketch of a random male. I really didn't have any idea where this one was going, a - Read More
Mickey Mouse Drawing by Trey Murray

A quick sketch I drew of America's favorite rodent. Mickey Mouse was a house favorite as I drew this during the holidays. It - Read More
Manga Girl Drawing by Trey Murray

Another of my favorite drawings. This manga girl was very simplistic and easy to sketch. I was amazed at how easy it was to - Read More
Manga Boy Drawing by Trey Murray

A generic manga boy drawing. I was very pleased at how this turned out. It is one of my favorite drawings. It is very simpli - Read More
Tomoe Nage Drawing by Trey Murray

This was another attempt at full body drawings. This one was adding motion into the picture. I am not a big fan of it, but o - Read More
Judoka Drawing

This Judoka is my attempt at full body drawings. Unfortunately, I think it was not one of my best drawings. I want to learn - Read More
Kakashi drawing by Trey Murray

Kakashi is another of my favorite Naruto characters. He reminds me the most of a Ninja thanks to his face cover, but also se - Read More
Naruto Drawing by Trey Murray

This was my attempt at drawing Naruto. I think it was okay, but I believe I can do better. This is probably going to be anot - Read More
Gaara Drawing by Trey Murray

This is my favorite Naruto character, and I spent the most time on this sketch. I like how it turned out, but I think I can - Read More