Artwork By Trey Murray

Thank you for checking out my artwork. I draw in my spare time and write poetry as I feel inspired. This is by no means my occupation, but it is how I relieve some stress and occupy some of my time. My goal is to get better, but admittedly I do not practice every day. Perhaps when I can retire I will find more time to create the artwork that I love.

Poetry Artwork by Trey Murray

My Country – A Haiku

My country was great Career politicians came Now it’s not so great

Ripping Me Apart

As I sit and reflect on the events of the day looking from my aspect secrets meant to betray Keeping from another your actions that upset disturbing your brother we will not soon forget Sadness turns to animosity and then flips to rage as it gains velocity its effect I begin to gauge When you […]


Strangers passing by the way, neither have the time of day. Faces glued to screens that glow, little does the other know… What comes to pass in either life, husband is one, the other is wife. If only they’d acknowledge each other, he could be father, she would be mother. Each denied this fateful meeting, […]

The Journey

It began with a step, I committed to a goal. With little to no prep, I began my new role. Carefully I did tread, danger lurking all around. Mind full of dread, injury could abound. The closer I did draw, the more difficult it became. It exposed my every flaw, and called me out by […]

Drawing Artwork by Trey Murray

Harley Quinn Artwork

I like this Harley #drawing because of the color and symmetry. I think it is a good perspective drawing for my novice skill level.

Ash Ketchum Artwork

I thought this one was pretty good, but my daughter thought otherwise. She is the Pokemon expert, so I will defer to her assessment. I like the emotion and character on the face, and I love the coloring.

Stormtrooper Artwork

I am so angry at this one. I wanted to nail it. I wanted to get it right, but the perspective is just not right. The proportions are way off. This whole #drawing disgusts me, but I did it, so here it is…

Zelda Artwork

I am completely embarrassed to post this one. I love the Legend of Zelda series of games, and I just fumbled completely on this one. Just move along, nothing to see here…

Batman Artwork

Here’s the Bats! Batman, the animated version, and it was a very simple #drawing. I am happy with the drawing, but not with the color. I should have shaded it a bit better between the black and the blue. My next attempt at this drawing will be better.

Pikachu Artwork

The proportion is a little off on this one, but I like it overall. It’s a nice little sketch and I enjoyed coloring it in.

Link Artwork

I like this Link #drawing because I remember the focus I had as I drew this one. It worked out pretty well and my daughter actually knew who it was when I showed it to her. The coloring was done well. This was the first drawing where I felt like I could really do this.

The Eyes Artwork

This was my first attempt at #drawing anatomy and I chose the eyes. The two drawings are done two days apart. I was happy with how they turned out, but the more I study them, the more I find wrong.

Goku Artwork

This is the one I worked more on shading. I like it and I think it is my best by far.

Cyborg Artwork

I’m not to happy with this one at all…Cyborg is one of my favorites and I messed this one all up. I rushed it and the #drawing shows. I am sure I will try this one again, but when I am more rested and more interested in putting out a quality drawing.
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