Ripping Me Apart

As I sit and reflect
on the events of the day
looking from my aspect
secrets meant to betray

Keeping from another
your actions that upset
disturbing your brother
we will not soon forget

Sadness turns to animosity
and then flips to rage
as it gains velocity
its effect I begin to gauge

When you did depart
and we all felt the loss
ripping me apart
missed the message of the Cross

The Journey

It began with a step,
I committed to a goal.
With little to no prep,
I began my new role.

Carefully I did tread,
danger lurking all around.
Mind full of dread,
injury could abound.

The closer I did draw,
the more difficult it became.
It exposed my every flaw,
and called me out by name.

Now the end is near,
the goal is in my sight.
I have nothing left to fear,
vowed to finish this fight.


Keyboard Soldiers

Keyboard soldiers at the ready,
angrily typing against inequity.
Never calm, can’t keep steady,
spewing venom, feeding enmity.

On the watch for any offense,
storing up sources as ammunition.
Spotting an enemy to dispense,
attacks and waits for retaliation.

Enlisting more for active duty,
drafting friends to join the frey.
Never seeing opinion as beauty,
they give response without delay.

Once the solider sees reality,
sets aside agenda, begins to scroll.
They see that both sides agree,
a keyboard solder is only a troll.


Strangers passing by the way,
neither have the time of day.
Faces glued to screens that glow,
little does the other know…

What comes to pass in either life,
husband is one, the other is wife.
If only they’d acknowledge each other,
he could be father, she would be mother.

Each denied this fateful meeting,
to busy sharing to offer greeting.
Both too eager to garner likes,
never seeking to raise up tykes.

So they pass without a glance,
never giving love a chance.
Replacing long lasting relationships,
with temporary acquaintanceship.