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​I did not grow up in church, so I would only attend when I was able. This led me down some dark paths throughout high school and college because I had no foundation in Biblical principles.

Now, I have surrendered my life to Christ, and I'm dedicated to learning all God has to offer. I've taken on the task of leading a small group in my home church - Bar Cross Cowboy Church in Alvarado, TX.

You can read many of my devotionals or thoughts on God, Christianity, and life within the body of believers.

Apologetics: Defending Your Failth in Modern Culture


​Defending Your Faith In Modern Culture

​Whether you are new to the faith or a seasoned believer in Christ, this study is for you. As modern culture continues to gain influence on more believers, you need to be prepared to give a defense for your faith while continuing to reach the lost. Are you prepared​? 

​Poet, Author, and ​Life Group Leader​​​​​

​Trey Murray is a gifted ​poet and author with a passion for ​imparting knowledge with ​other believers​, to help them make the case for the Christian faith. ​Connecting with ​his ​life group through ​personal stories and experiences ​and imparting ​empirical evidence ​with logical ​backing for ​seeing all areas of life through a Biblical worldview.

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