Artwork By Trey Murray

Thank you for checking out my artwork. I draw in my spare time and write poetry as I feel inspired. This is by no means my occupation, but it is how I relieve some stress and occupy some of my time. My goal is to get better, but admittedly I do not practice every day. Perhaps when I can retire I will find more time to create the artwork that I love.

Poetry Artwork by Trey Murray

Ripping Me Apart

As I sit and reflect on the events of the day looking from my aspect […]

Keyboard Soldiers

Keyboard soldiers at the ready, angrily typing against inequity. Never calm, can’t keep steady, spewing […]


Strangers passing by the way, neither have the time of day. Faces glued to screens […]

My Country – A Haiku

My country was great Career politicians came Now it’s not so great

Drawing Artwork by Trey Murray

Cyborg Artwork

I’m not to happy with this one at all…Cyborg is one of my favorites and […]

Batman Artwork

Here’s the Bats! Batman, the animated version, and it was a very simple #drawing. I […]

Link Artwork

I like this Link #drawing because I remember the focus I had as I drew […]

Goku Artwork

This is the one I worked more on shading. I like it and I think […]

Stormtrooper Artwork

I am so angry at this one. I wanted to nail it. I wanted to […]

Ash Ketchum Artwork

I thought this one was pretty good, but my daughter thought otherwise. She is the […]

Pikachu Artwork

The proportion is a little off on this one, but I like it overall. It’s […]

The Eyes Artwork

This was my first attempt at #drawing anatomy and I chose the eyes. The two […]

Kylo Ren Artwork

My first attempt at a character #drawing. I had just seen Star Wars Episode 7: […]

Harley Quinn Artwork

I like this Harley #drawing because of the color and symmetry. I think it is […]
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